New Options Helping You & Your Employees

Healthcare reform has changed the game, and being with the right agency and carriers allows a small business to leverage every option. Many small businesses are going to be able to pay less than before for owner and employee health insurance. Major medical health insurance is more available now than it has ever been in decades with the elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions and the majority of your employees probably qualify for a partial or even total government subsidy of the costs! But you must be able to navigate the system. We are the experts you need!

New Affordability

For millions of Americans, the federal government is providing monthly premium help through subsidies. We have seen qualifying individuals pay less than $100 a month and sometimes even receive the insurance free after receiving the subsidies available during enrollment!

No “Pre-Existing” Exclusions

During open and special enrollment periods, even someone with a pre-existing condition, such as: cancer, diabetes, heart attack cannot be denied and receives unlimited coverage!


Healthy individuals who do not have major pre-existing conditions have access to more affordable alternative health benefits regardless of income. Get $1,000,000 of coverage for about half the price of the Obamacare options!