Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act provides health insurance for all individuals and families, regardless of previous or current medical conditions. With the help of tax credits and subsidies, these healthcare plans provide affordable options to many seeking affordable medical insurance. To find how affordable an individual or family health plan can be, request a free quote today.

Short Term Major Medical

Whether you are switching jobs, covering a gap between marketplace exchanges, or just looking for more affordable health insurance, short term health insurance may be for you.  These underwritten plans offer broader networks, more deductible options, and various term ranges for you to select.  With all these options, short term major medical puts the power back into the buyer’s hands.  Request a free quote today to see if you qualify for a short term major medical plan.

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Supplemental Coverage

Beyond your individual and family health insurance, we can also help you with your supplemental coverage. Blackmore Benefit Group works with countless companies to provide you the best dental and vision plans the market offers. Additionally, we have several medical plans that coincide with your Affordable Care Act or Short Term Major Medical plan that will ease the burden of reaching your deductible. With many emergency room visits resulting from an accident, our accident protection plans provide you with the funds you need to reach your deductibles and get the necessary care. Get a free quote to see how affordable dental, vision, and accident protection can be for you.

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