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Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare, otherwise known as Parts A and B, only cover a portion of your medical bills. You may be faced with high deductibles, high out of pocket expenses, and a great deal of exposure if you do nothing to protect yourself. A Medicare Advantage plan can help narrow the risk with little to no cost for you. Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C, offers multiple plan options, many networks to choose from, and various premium options to fit any budget.

Medicare Drug Plans

Whether you are switching jobs, covering a gap between marketplace exchanges, or just looking for more affordable health insurance, short term health insurance may be for you.  These underwritten plans offer broader networks, more deductible options, and various term ranges for you to select.  With all these options, short term major medical puts the power back into the buyer’s hands.  Request a free quote today to see if you qualify for a short term major medical plan.

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Additional Protection

While Medicare Advantage plans offer very viable, affordable means of limiting your risk, they often have some exposure. Often, you must pay a copay for various benefits you receive. Despite the extra protection, many face financial difficulties if they are admitted to a hospital, visit the emergency room, or require an ambulance ride. When you are in such a crisis, the last thing you want to be worried about is whether you can afford your hospital bill. Luckily, the insurance agents at Blackmore Benefit Group can provide you with options to help offset your out of pocket expenses. Ask about our risk aversion plans today!

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